You're No Doubt A Caring, Thoughtful, Loving, Sensitive And Kind-Hearted Person, But ...

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My name’s Mathew Baker – in case you don’t know I’m a professional counsellor and the co-founder of The Depression Project – and right now, I have a few important questions that I really encourage you to answer honestly, OK?

Do you often find yourself saying “yes” whenever someone asks a favour – even when you don’t feel like doing it?

When someone upsets you, do you always say “that’s OK” and let it slide – because you don't want to ruffle any feathers by telling them what they did wrong?

Do you find yourself continuously apologising for things that aren’t actually your fault?

Do you feel it’s your job to make other people happy, and therefore do things that please those people but that violate your own needs, wants and values?

Do you agree with everything everybody says – purely because you want them to like you?

Do you thrive on receiving validation from the people around you, and therefore do whatever they want just to earn their praise?

If you said “yes” to at least a few of these questions, then it means that in all likelihood, you’re a people pleaser.

And, while this no doubt means that you're a caring, thoughtful, loving, sensitive and kind-hearted person, as I'm sure you've experienced, people pleasing can also lead to a lot of problems, including:

People pleasing often leads to your own needs and wants being sabotaged.

It can be stressful, exhausting and can burn you out.

It can lead to others using you

It can result in the world never getting to know the “real you”.

It leads to you suppressing a lot of emotions.

It can result in living a life that’s not in line with your values.

It can lead to depression.

So, in order to show you how to stop people pleasing, implement boundaries, start living life on your own terms, and take a big step forward towards overcoming depression, I've written How To Stop People Pleasing.

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This Book Is Perfect For You If:

You want to stop people pleasing, but have no idea how to

I'll explain to you exactly why you people please, and teach you the four-step method you need to follow in order to stop doing so.

You want to stop people pleasing, but feel really scared to

I'll show you how to overcome the fear of conflict, of saying "no", or of not being liked; and how to overcome negative thoughts that make it so hard to stop people pleasing such as "saying no means I'm selfish", "it's my fault if my partner isn't happy", "if I have a disagreement with someone then they're going to hate me", and "my needs don't matter as much as other people's do".

You feel stressed out and exhausted doing everything for everyone

I'll show you how to protect yourself from ever feeling this way again (while still remaining the helpful, caring, supportive person you are).

You always say "yes" and are therefore used by others

I'll show you how to put in boundaries to prevent people from taking advantage of you.

You feel as if no-one knows the "real you" - and therefore feel lonely and misunderstood

This is a common consequence of people pleasing, because you're always agreeing with everyone and going along with what they want, instead of saying how you really feel. So, I'll show you how to stop doing this, and therefore develop deeper, more authentic relationships.

You feel as if you're living a life that's not in line with your values

This is another common consequence of people pleasing, so I'm going to teach you how to implement "value-based boundaries" - so that you can start living the life you want.

You want to implement boundaries to protect yourself, but have no idea how to do so

I'll show you the six different types of boundaries that you can implement, as well as how to implement them for maximum effect.

BONUS! If you order this book before the timer above hits zero, then you'll also get some really great bonuses!

Bonus #1: Four journals absolutely free!

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Bonus #2: Membership to Depression School's 3,600+ Person Private Facebook Group - where you'll be able to talk to and get support from other people who have depression in a supportive, caring, loving environment :)

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What format does How To Stop People Pleasing (and the four bonus journals) come in?

You'll receive How To Stop People Pleasing in a variety of digital formats - including PDF (to read on your computer, mobile or tablet device); MOBI (to read on a Kindle); and ePUB (for non-Kindle e-readers).

Each of the four journals comes in PDF format, which if you'd like to, you can easily print off at your home, office or local printer :)

Why should I feel confident that How To Stop People Pleasing will be really helpful?

In addition to being a professional counsellor, I'm also the co-founder of The Depression Project - which with 2,000,000+ followers on Instagram, 1,000,000+ on Facebook, and our posts having been viewed several BILLION times, is one of the world's most popular mental health organisations. I understand depression really, really well, and know exactly how to help people battling this illness get better and back on track to living the life they want.

What if I give How To Stop People Pleasing a try and I don't like it?

I'm extremely, extremely confident that this book will teach you how to stop people pleasing, implement boundaries, start living life on your own terms, and take a big step forward towards overcoming depression. However, if you don't feel 100% happy with it, then just let me know within 60 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

If you have any questions about How To Stop People Pleasing, then please feel free to email us at [email protected] so that we can get your questions answered for you. Otherwise, we hope you choose to get this book, because we know you're going to find it really, really helpful!

All my love,

Mathew Baker,

Professional Counsellor & Co-founder of The Depression Project.

P.S. This is a special, one-time offer that won't always be available! To take advantage of it and get all the bonus content, order How To Stop People Pleasing now before the timer above hits zero!

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